28 July 2011

She's Growing Up

I knew she was growing up fast when she started crawling. She was five months old.
When the running started at ten months I knew I had my hands full.
Once the talking started it never stopped. Sentences came early.
Logic, arguments and triple-barrelled words issuing forth from a two-year-old intent on being a big girl.
Then there was the fashion obsession. Two years old and a fashionista already.
Battles over less-than-pleasing leggings and dresses and already those words:
"You're not going out in that!"
A first crush at two. Big brother's buddy. Handholding and proclamations: "I'm gonna marry him when I grow up."
Slow down girly, slow down. Please!

So it continued through three and four.
The growing up. Fast.
Teenage attitude made an appearance before we'd even made it to five.

Role models were re-calculated, movies banned, attitudes checked.
Four-going-on-fourteen is not much fun. They say toddlers and teenagers have a lot in common.
I believe it.

But twining in and around all this fast-growingness was laughter.
Loud raucous tummy-jiggling laughter. High-pitched infectious rib-tickling giggling.
Soft-limbed snuggles and thousands of kisses. Words whispered and shouted, "I love you mama!"
There was dancing, twirling, skipping and a whole lot of never-sitting-still.
Five arrived and brought schooldays with it.
ABC's and finger-counting. Hopscotch and playground politics.

The growing up continued apace.
We raced to keep up with a child made from thunderstorms and velvet, lightning and sugar roses.
Then came six.
Six we could handle.
Six was a simple continuation of five, without the surprises.
We knew what we were getting at six.

A firecracker who explodes with laughter or tears.
A sweet girl running to help.
A kind hearted soul, capable, fast, articulate, fashion-savvy, friendly.
A girl who knows herself, her likes and dislikes. A fiercely loyal friend.
A little lady who hates to back down but can be wooed by a gentle voice.
An artist, a dancer, a singer of songs.
A race-winning runner with liquid mercury zinging through her veins.

That's our girl at six.

But Seven.
That's a whole other world.
Seven is serious big-kid territory.
Seven is no longer just beginning.
Seven is fully launched.

And here we stand, on the threshold of Seven.
Celebrating our daughter.
Thankful for seven years of the blessing that she is.
And the lessons she has taught us.

We have just one favour to ask...
Will you please stop growing up so fast?

Happy Birthday Beautiful Miss Fab.
Seven Years Old Today.
We love you More than the Sky.

from Mummy (and Daddy)
Thursday, July 28th, 2011

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Nikki said...

What a lovely way to put all the memories into one post! Can't wait to do this when I have kiddies! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday special girl!

love and light

Cat said...

Happy Birthday Miss Fab and I think I'll be looking up at your Mama on how to parent a child so full of energy like yourself - we call our darling Tsunami because that is what she is like.
Wonderful wonderful post, the first couple of years I thought I was reading about Miss Tsunami.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl, and congratulations to Mummy & Daddy for raising such a gorgey lady for 7 whole years. Lovely pics - little fairy, flower power cheeks, daisy chains, big belly laughs and fashion guru. Amazing seeing the changes she's made - is strange to think I will be able to look over 7 years of my girls life too one day (I'm sure it'll be sooner than I think!)

PaisleyJade said...

Happy BIrthday Miss Fab!!!

dearfutureme... said...

So sweet! Am I right that there were two broken arms before the age of five?!

Rachel Kate said...

Wow! Running at 10months :) full on. Happy birthday sweetheart xo

jacksta said...

beautifully written Simone

Anonymous said...

Oh wow our girls sound similar! I was nodding in agreement with each of the stages & ages!!! :) Love that I have your blog to read so I can see what lies ahead for each new threshold :) And what a beautiful way to celebrate your girl too - poetic words & gorgeous pictures! Happy birthday to Miss fab :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, beautiful Miss Fab! xo

Elizabeth said...

What a gorgeous wee girl - happy birthday Miss Fab!

Beautiful post Simone! Made me cry a little, won't be long and we'll be celebrating big events like this... ahhh, time goes too fast!

Rebecca said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! I couldn't help notice too how much more grown up Choppy seemed at 7, my baby!!!!!

Gail said...

Happy birthday Abby!! We love you~!xx

Leonie said...

Happy Birthday!
hope its a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday! It goes by too fast. Every minute, too fast before you can even get used to them their changing again aren't they?

Trees said...

Lovely post, I love 'soft-limbed snuggles' too :)

Happy Birthday Miss Fab!!

Widge said...

Happy Bday miss Fab!

Catching the Magic said...

Happy Birthday to your AMAZING girl! Such a gorgeous tribute to her and trip down memory lane too x

Arnebya said...

Aw, happy birthday to her! We're currently leaving the 7s (Sunday the 31st). Here's to hoping that third grade and 8 are simply a continuation of 7 because 7 has rocked!

WeeMason Man's Mom said...

What a wonderful post!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Unknown said...

Beautiful post for a beautiful daughter! Happy Birthday, Miss Fab!!

KatBouska said...

As usual gorgeous photos! Loving that adorable little girl. :) Happy birthday Miss Fab indeed.

Siobhan said...

Happy Birthday little Miss Fab! What an amazing collection of photos and prose. <3

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