13 September 2011

Travel Plans and Bucket Lists

ONE more sleep and then we are off around the world.
I'm about to make you green with envy share our itinerary with you, so you can imagine where we are, when you're missing me *wink*

Here's a breakdown of our trip...

We arrive in Mr G's hometown of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on Sunday 18th September after a marathon thirty hour flight. We will be very very tired and will be sleeping for a bit, I'm sure.

After jet lag has worn off and we've been reunited with Grandma and our lovely Newcastle rellies, Mr G will set off for Hexham and then walk Hadrian's Wall. You know, the wall the Roman Emperor Hadrian built in the year dot, to keep the mad barbarian Scots out of Britain.

The plan had been for me to do the walk with my beloved. I was picturing a gentle stroll admiring some ruins between villages stopping for tea and crumpets along the way.

Turns out its a 25km-a-day slog. Gail stop laughing.

Lets be honest, it was never gonna happen. Pity I'm not fitter, with better knees.
Anyhoo. I'll be having adventures of my own shopping in Newcastle with M.I.L. and driving the van to Haltwhistle to pick up Mr G - My first time driving in the UK. You might want to send a few prayers up for the safety of the traveling public of North East England on Sept 23rd.

Fun in Newcastle on the weekend, Mr G takes Dash to an English Premier League game {Newcastle United v Blackburn}and then we head to Scotland on the Monday, to stay the night with lovely Aunty Sandra and Uncle George at their home near Greenock.

Aunty Sandra with Dash and Cousin Libby in 2009

They live right on the water, as in the River Clyde harbour is their back garden. Last time we looked out the window and saw a submarine go past. Flippin amazing, it was. Sailed right past under our noses. An actual submarine.

The view from Aunty Sandra's back step.

Then its off to the Scottish Highlands via Loch Ness to see if we can spot the WaterHorse...

We spend two nights in Fort William, at the foot of Ben Nevis {Britain's highest peak} and we will be taking the Jacobite Steamtrain {Harry Potter's ride} to the coast, via cute fishing villages and picturesque scenery. Scrag will think he is in heaven being on a great big train like that! We'll be staying in a cute Family-run B&B, eating haggis for breakfast.

Then we return to Newcastle, where we catch up on some zzzzzz's before heading south to the Midlands for a weekend House Party with some awesome friends...

Our fun-loving friends AJ & Vic live in a picturesque village in the English Midlands, in a charming Victorian cottage where we spent a wonderful weekend on our last visit, two years ago.

AJ & Vic's English Cottage Garden

They are the kind of friends who you can see after a gap of ten years and you just pick up where you left off... and spend most of the weekend smiling, laughing, talking, eating... and enjoying the odd glass of wine!

Our Garden feast with AJ & Vic, 2009

What makes it extra-cool is that AJ & Vic have two lovely kids for our lot to hang out with. And joining us will be my dear friend Maya and her two lovelies...

Me and Maya, 2009
This is Maya, one of my favourite people in the world. She flew to New Zealand {from London} to be bridesmaid at my wedding when I only gave her two months notice. That's a great friend right there. Can't wait to see them all again.

Moving along.
Next comes a special treat for the family, a holiday with Grandma at Centre Parcs in Carlisle. I'm not really sure what to expect, but I know it will be amazing. Centre Parcs is like a cross between a campground and a theme park. Here's a picture I found of the swimming pool...

I know, right???!!! Amazing. We are so blessed.

After four days of family fun there, we return to Newcastle to catch our breath.
And then comes the part where I finally get to tick something off my Bucket List.
We're going to Ireland!!!

Even better, its just me and Mr G. SQEEEEEEEE!!!
Three nights, kidless. Exploring cute villages, cafes, pubs... sleeping undisturbed. Bliss.
Yay for Grandma taking the kids.

We'll be staying in the south-east in a gorgeous village called Kinsale, recommended to us by Irish friends {it pays to know the locals}...

...and then a night in Dublin, staying right in the heart of city in the cool-looking Wynns Hotel.
I know once I'm there three nights won't seem like long enough, but we will make the most of every moment.
Ireland. I'm going to Ireland! A dream come true for me.

Dash by the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, 2009

We spend the remaining time in Newcastle. And then wave farewell to our lovely Geordie family, re-pack our bags {hoping we fit all those bargains in} and back home to New Zealand in time to see the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup. Please may it be so.

As you can see, not much time in there for blogging.
So I have been madly writing and scheduling posts, arranging amazing guest bloggers and setting things up so that my blog will not be left unattended. I'll be popping in to see you all when I can.

Whenever I can, in any spare minutes which are not being spent bonding with family, adventuring or relaxing, I will be checking my emails and looking for messages from you. I hope to be able to knock up a post or two while I'm there. Like a Postcard, "Wish you were here...", that type of thing.

Of course all this travel and adventure comes at a price. We must survive thirty long hours of airplane travel first. But I say, it will all be worth it.
Bring it on.

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Leonie said...

Oh wow, I shouldnt say it but GREEN with envy, especially about the Ireland part!!
Have a ball, have a great time with your family and cant wait to read all about it when you're back...and all the piccy's too.

Renee said...

I am so so envious! What an amazing trip you have planned! I love that you have a 'schedule' all mapped out - that's so me ;-) I LOVE ITINERARYS!!! Have a wonderful, amazing time, am sure the flight will be fine, the kids are all that much older this time, totally makes it easier. NZ will welcome you back just in time to join in the victory dance (don't forget to pack your all blacks gear to wear over there while watching the games...if there is any time for that!)

Penny said...

wow looks amazing!! Jealous! Have an awesome time xx

Gail said...

AWWWW. Have an awesome time - you lazy arse! hahaha Flip, that walk sounds awesome!! I know you could make it!!!!!!!

P.S. I hope that the parcel will get dropped off to your place before you go! Don['t worry about the posting off til you get back!!

Cat said...

sounds awful!

love and light

Leah, aka, FFPMaMMa said...

So jealous...to be in Ireland again...and Scotland...two of my favorite places! enJOY!

PaisleyJade said...

Have fun!!!!

Jules said...

What an awesome itinerary, hope you have an amazing time! Which of course you will.

Enjoy Ireland. I've been to Galway & Dublin and thought both were beautiful. Gotta love that sexy accent too! ;o)

Cat said...

Can't wait to read all about it - I'm busy taking notes for our biggie next year - Paris squuueeeeeeel Disneyland squuuuueeeeeel and WOW Ireland yipppppeee squuuuueeeeel you are blessed indeed!

Trees said...

What an incredible itinerary, many happy memories to be made! Have a great time xx

Barbs said...

Have an awesome holiday - sounds amazing.

Widge said...

I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous.
I'm not jealous.

lucky yous


Lyn said...

oh my goodness, Ireland is only my FAVOURITE country in the whole wide world. Honestly, if you're anything like me you'll be like..."I could live here" every 5 minutes! hahaha. And Ben Nevis/Fort William...oh the memories, been there done that too. Many moons ago tho and have always wanted to go back one day...ahhh Simone you're gonna have a FABULOUS time!!!

Katie said...

Wow - that sounds AMAZING! Have an AWESOME time :-) And have a roll with square sausage and tattie scone for me :-)

Catching the Magic said...


Have an incredible, amazing time! It's been four year's since I was last in the UK! :( Your post makes me really home-sick now. My Dad walked Hadrian's Wall earlier this year (with my Mum and sis doing bits of it, whilst meeting up in the evenings for good pub grub!). And my folks have just returned from a trip to Scotland (my dear Grandfather was from Tarbet, Loch Fyne) and had an amazing time.

I love the photo collages you've put together in this post.

Enjoy every special moment (and hope the flight isn't too painful!),

Safe travels, Sarah x

Unknown said...

So jealous!! I've always wanted to visit Ireland. I can't WAIT to see the amazing pictures I know you'll take! Happy travels, friend!

Losing Brownies said...

Looks like it will be an EPIC trip! I hope you have a blast!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Can you see how GREEEEEEN I am right now? I would so love to be taking our family back to see hubby's family but its not on the cards anytime soon unfortunately. Love how you have that itinerary all planned out - I would totally have done the same.

I've done a lot of the trip you have planned - driven around Scotland past Loch Ness etc - such a beautiful part of the world - you will love it.

Ireland is lush too, I spent a couple of days there with my mum in 2000 and it was very magical - watch out for leprechauns ;-)

Will be looking forward to hearing all about it!


Rebecca said...

Amazing, have the best time x

I would send in a post but as a blog with hardly any readers I don't think it'd be up to scratch!! haha

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